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Hello… Let me show You some new panel illustration for my new BDSM comic. I had an Idea to place a comic action in Wild West. Well… It wasn’t so easy because of many reasons. But at the end – I’m finishing it. Now I have over 200 images. And I’m sharing with You some of them. Let me know how do You like it?

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  1. Azer49 29 kwietnia 2019

    I’m a former Patreon.
    When will you publish other comics and when give the comics to your former Patreon?
    Can you give me the list of all yours comics? Thanks.
    You do great job, follow like this but give us also some good comic to read.
    Best regards

    • admin 30 kwietnia 2019 — Post Author

      Thank You very much and Sorry for delaying Unfortunately, some matters are not entirely dependent on us. I put new chapters of Gemma on Patreon, and I’ll try to give You – my patrons more content as a form of compensation of my absence.

  2. Azer49 25 czerwca 2019

    The time is very long to have new products.
    I wrote you an email but you don’t answer it.
    When can we have some news before to stop Patreon.

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